Rocky by
John Beatty





John Beatty has been a friend of mine since junior high... we've stayed up all night many times playing poker, pool, gin, hearts, or just shooting the breeze. The artwork to the left is the result of an overnight marathon painting session. [And the cool thing about that was John did all of the work, there was no chance of me losing, and John gave me the painting which today hangs in my front room!]

Ah, but a bit more history to the artwork is needed. The painting was done in January of '86. As John was creating it, he took pictures of each step in the process. Over the years the painting has faded (but still looks pretty cool IMHO). At any rate, John took one of the photos of the finished painting (pre-fading) and played around with it in Photoshop. The result is the picture to the left... sadly neither John nor I have been able to locate an actual picture of the painting as it orginally looked... Still I was NOT going to have the painting not appear in the SZ Gallery... so the tweaked version is here!

John is a very reasonably priced artist available for comissions, web site design, and more.

- Craig Zablo (May 27, 2002)