Deke DaSilva by
Dan Brereton



Dan Brereton is one of the few artists that I've followed from the start. Dan burst on the scene with the Black Terror mini-series in 1989 and hasn't looked back. Dan's most popular work is his creation The Nocturnals, but he has also worked for DC, Dark Horse and others.

I share a lot of similar interests with Dan [reading crime fiction, watching movies, etc.] and maybe that's part of the reason I love his work. Take a look at anything he's done and you'll know the rest of the reason.

Dan's a movie buff and so it was cool talking to him about different Stallone films. It was even cooler to see Dan's take on Sly as Deke DaSilva from "Nighthawks."

- Craig Zablo [April 19, 2003 ]