Sly by
John Beatty




John Beatty is my oldest, and closest friend. We've known each other since junior high (and sometimes still act like we're back there).

He's one of the best inkers in the business and has worked on The Punisher (classic stories with Mike Zeck and Steven Grant), Captain America (again with Zeck), Batman (with Doug Moench and Kelly Jones) ... I guess you get the idea.

John loves to gamble (cards, pool... heck, he even bet on himself in a foot race - talk about a longshot!)

This piece was originally done as a black and white sketch. John then toyed around with some digital coloring.

This is the first of several pieces by Big Beatty that will be featured here. Now if he'd just start a new Sly painting!

Craig Zablo (April 28, 2002)