Rambo by
Andy Lee



Andy Lee was born in Hong Kong, but has lived in the US since he was eight. At an early age Andy was taught the calligraphic art of painting with sumi ink and bamboo brush on rice paper. Andy has a BA in Fine Arts from Washington State in St. Louis.

Andy's work is a form of modern zen art which combines eastern and western philosophies of painting. Andy's art has graced the pages of many publications worldwide including "Kabuki," White Wolf's sourcebooks for "Vampire: Kindred of the East" and "The Crow."

Andy is a true joy to meet. He is humble and gracious to his many fans. Watching Andy paint is a thrill because he is so into it and always a step [or three] ahead... but when your mind's eye catches up and everything clicks -- it's a thing of beauty!

This was my first Andy Lee original but it won't be my last!

- Craig Zablo [April 19, 2003 ]