Sly as Cosmo Carboni
by John Beatty





John Beatty is my oldest, and closest friend. We've known each other since junior high.

We saw Paradise Alley back when it first was released and it remains one of John's favorite Stallone films. [Ask him about the time he quoted a line from the film to a guy that would have scared "Frankie the Thumper!"]

Big J has been a professional cartoonist since he was in his late teens. He's one of the best inkers in comics and has worked on The Punisher (classic stories with Mike Zeck and Steven Grant), Captain America (again with Zeck), Batman (with Doug Moench and Kelly Jones) ... I guess you get the idea.

John is available for comissions as well as comic art, iIlustration, character design, story boards, web sites, logo design and more.

- Craig Zablo [June 29, 2002]