What follows is a list of movies that Sly was attached to [or turned down] and were never made.

As you look over the list, I'm sure you'll find some movies that you'd wish Sly had made and some that you'll be glad he didn't.


Time Line
"Bartholomew vs Neff"
SLY and JOHN CANDY were to play feuding neighbors.
"Beverly Hills Cop" SLY was the original choice to play Axel Foley. He wanted a more serious action picture, but the producers wanted to go with a comedy. They parted ways. SLY went on to make Cobra and the producers brought in EDDIE MURPHY.
"The Bodyguard"
Unproduced screenplay written by SLY in the mid 70s: a bodyguard hired to protect a millionaire's wife and child goes on a hunt for the killers after they succeed in their mission.
[Perhaps SLY should go back and re-consider this one! - Craig]
"The Bogus Kingdom" Unproduced screenplay written by SLY in the early 70s: A group of down-and-out performers kidnap several high-ranking movie execs and using their make-up and acting skills take over the company.
[I love that title! - Craig]
"Cobra II" Before its release it was thought that Cobra would be SLY's third movie franchise.
"Coming Home" SLY was the first choice to play the role that went to JON VOIGHT.
"The Cotton Club" SLY was the first choice to play the role that went to RICHARD GERE.
"Cry Full, Whisper Empty, in the Same Breath" Unproduced SLY screenplay from the mid 70s.
"Deadly Reckoning" This was to be a sci-fi movie that took place in a domed city.
"The Executioner" At one point it looked as if SLY would star as DON PENDELTON's character with WILLIAM FRIEDKIN directing.
"Fatalis" Fatalis was written specifically for SLY by JEFF ROVIN [who had previously written a bio of SLY] and was to be made at Universal. Saber-tooth tigers attack Los Angeles in Rovin's gung-ho second novel of cryptozoological horror.
"Frequency" Sly turned down the lead which DENNIS QUAID ended up taking.
"Gale Force" SLY was scheduled to re-team with director RENNY HARLIN for another big budget action adventure that took place during a hurricane.
"Gangster" It looked as if SLY would star from a screenplay by PAUL ATTANESIO and to be directed by WILLIAM FRIEDKIN. [The advance word on the screenplay was excellent. - Craig]
"The Godfather Part III" SLY was being courted by Paramount to star and direct and JOHN TRAVOLTA would co-star.
"Inglorius Bastards" QUENTION TARANTINO's long talked about war movie a la "The Dirty Dozen." TARANTINO has a role for SLY should it ever get made. [TARANTINO also has roles in the movie for SCHWARZENEGGER, WILLIS, ADAM SANDLER, EDDIE MURPHY!]
"Isobar" SLY would have found himself pitted against a genetic mutation on a supersonic train.
"Maggie's Eyes" Unproduced screenplay written by SLY: the story of a criminal who falls in love with a blind woman.
[Another screenplay that I wish SLY would re-consider. - Craig]
"The Negotiator" SLY turned down the lead.
"Pals" Unproduced screenplay by SLY: described as a younger version of "The Odd Couple."

Unproduced screenplay, again written by SLY in the early 70s: SLY's long-discussed dream project - a biography (of sorts) of Edgar Allan Poe!
[I wish SLY could get this made if only to see his vision of Poe! - Craig]

--- There is talk that "Poe" will be made. I'm sure that a lot depends on how "Rocky Balboa" and "Rambo IV" do. ---

"Romancing the Stone" SLY has said that he turned down the lead [that went to Michael Douglas] to instead do "Rhinestone."
"Rambo IV"

Rumored for years -- speculation greatly increased when Mirimax purchased the rights after SLY did Cop Land for them.

--- It looks as if "Rambo IV" will be made early next year! ---

"Rocky VI"

Another highly rumored film -- speculation was everywhere in the summer of 99 when reports of the upcoming Rocky VI appeared all over the net as well as Entertainment Tonight and other sources.

---"Rocky Balboa" aka "Rocky VI" is now filming. This will be removed from the UNMADE FILMS section upon it's completion." ---

"Sad Blues" Unproduced screenplay written by SLY in the early 70's: a tragic love story about a pop singer with a life-threatening condition that requires that he eat bananas every day...
"Sinsilver" Unproduced screenplay by SLY: Hasidic Jews in the wild west.
Stallone / Schwarzenegger FIlm

It's long been reported [L.A. Times, Cinescape.com, Ain't It Cool News] that SLY and ARNOLD have been talking about a project together. ARNOLD wants an ensemble cast, ala "The Great Escape." SLY is said to prefer that they appear as adversaries. It's reported that it all comes down to when they agree on a script for the project.

[If "Inglorius Bastards" is ever made, there is supposed to be a role for ARNOLD as well."

"Superman" SLY was considered for the role of Superman, but the part went to CHRISTOPHER REEVE.
"Till Young Men Exit" Unproduced screenplay written by SLY in the early 70's: A group of frustrated actors kidnap a Broadway producer.
[A great title! - Craig]
"X vs. Sever" In August of 2000 reports surfaced that SLY may team up with VIN DIESEL for this Warner Bros. project which follows an "older government agent pursued by a bounty hunter. [It was eventually made with ANTONIO BANDARAS and LUCY LU]