by Tommy Lee Edwards



Tommy Lee Edwards. You may not know the name but I'll bet you've seen his art before... even if you're not a comics fan.

Tommy isn't content to do one kind of art... he's done comics [Hellboy, Batman, etc.], animation [Matrix and Star Wars], style guides [Men in Black 2 and Harry Potter], merchendising [Coca-Cola, Lucas Licensing]... well, you get the idea.

Tommy Lee recently returned from London where he was working as an artist on the new Batman movie. And his art was kickin'!

I had real high expectations when I Tommy agreed to do a Stallone piece for me. His Jack Carter piece is so cool. I love everything about it... the colors, the energy, the attitude.


Check out Tommy's site and the recently published The Art of Tommy Lee Edwards. You'll be glad you did!

Craig Zablo [June 20, 2004]