Jack Carter
by Brian Stelfreeze



Brian Stelfreeze is part of Gaijin Studio. You know, the powerhouse studio that is the home of Adam Hughes, Cully Hamner, Karl Story, and Beatty's own adopted son, Kelsey Shannon. I had been fortunate to get sketches from Adam, Cully, and Kelsey over the past year. And although I had talked with Brian several times at shows [usually about movies], I had never been at the right place to ask for a commission.

I made sure that changed at AtantaCon this year. I was first in line for Brian's sketch list. Brian opted for a Jack Carter [which would have been my choice for him as well].

When I told Brian I wanted him to do a Stallone piece he called out to Cully [who was sitting further down the way], "Hey Cully! I'm being called up to the big leagues!"

Going back to Brian's analogy of being called up to the "big leagues" -- well, if that's the case then Brian hit a grand slam the first time at bat. I couldn't thank him enough for the piece.

- Craig Zablo [April 17, 2004]]