First Blood
by Rafael Kayanan



Rafael Kayanan would make a cool lead character for a movie. You know the strong, quiet artist-type who in reality is also a highly trained martial artist who when pressed can kick butt and take names.

I first met Raf well over twenty years ago. He was a very young aspiring artist. But even then he had the talent and you just knew that this kid was going to make it.

Raf continued to perfect his craft as both a traditional and martial artist. And boy has he had an interesting career!

He's worked as an artist for Marvel, DC, Image, and a bunch of other comic and non-comic entities. Raf did storyboards, worked as a trainer, technical advisor and did the fight choreography on "The Hunted" [with Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro]! Recently Raf was working on developmental art for Paramount Studios' "Princess of Mars" (based on the John Carter, Warlord of Mars novels). Does Raf lead the life, or what?

Raf sent me his cool take on Sly as John Rambo from "First Blood." I love how it incorporates Rambo's [and Raf's] skills with camoflauge and knife fighting. Raf is da Man!

Check out Raf's site and watch for his forthcoming The Art of Rafael Kayanan . You'll be glad you did!

Craig Zablo [October 17, 2004]