Cosmo Carboni
by Eric Powell



Eric Powell writes, pencils and inks The Goon [one of the few comics that I still buy EVERY time it comes out and have since his very first issue years before Dark Horse].

Of course I'm not the only one on The Goon band wagon, you probably are as well since The Goon has been featured in Entertainment Weekly, Wizard, The Hollywood Reporter, and tons of other spots. An even better reason to be picking up The Goon every month is because it's REALLY that good.

In 2004, Eric won the International Horror Guild Award for Best Illustrated Narrative, and his first Eisner Award [the comic book equivalent of an Oscar]. In 2005, Eric and The Goon won two more Eisner's [Best Humor Publication and Best Continuing Series!]

Eric was one of the first artists that I approached to be in my Stallone Gallery and he's back with a vengance. John Higashi gifted me with this beautiful rendition of Sly as Cosmo Carboni done at DragonCon 2005.

BIG, BIG Thanks to Eric and John Higashi!

Craig Zablo
[September 11, 2005]