Rocky Hitting the Beef
by Jason Pearson



Jason Pearson. The guy's work just has so much personality and attitude.

Best known for his creator owned Body Bags, Jason teamed with Karl Story to produce a really cool Savage Dragon mini-series called Blood and Guts.

Jason is a highly sought after artist and his sketch list fills up quickly when he attends conventions. I had hoped to meet him at AtlantaCon earlier this year but unfortunately Jason couldn't attend.

But Jason did make Heroes and agreed to draw Stallone as Rocky. You know, old school Rocky from the first movie.

Jason has a new series coming out later this year. I've seen some of the art and it's going to be on par with Body Bags... be sure and ask your comic shop to keep an eye out for it. You'll be glad you did!

Craig Zablo [June 20, 2004]