Hatch by
Jeff Parker



Jeff Parker created The Interman. He not only wrote it but also pencilled, inked, colored, and even published it!

Jeff's a natural born storyteller who's crafted an intelligent action/adventure with a cast of characters that are all believeable in a world where James Bond would feel at home. Add to that he's a wonderful artist with a style that exudes charm and you end up with a package as good as any you're likely to find!

I'm not the only one singing Parker's praises. Rave reviews for The Interman continue to roll in [Entertainment Weekly even praised it in their first comic review section], it's selling well and has been optioned for a movie!

When I asked Jeff to do a piece for the SZ Gallery, he said he wanted to do Sly from "Victory." Jeff went on to pencil, ink and color it [shades of The Interman... so to speak].

- Craig Zablo [June 23, 2003 ]