Deke DaSilva by
Michael Avon Oeming



Michael Avon Oeming is da man! This guy does it all. He writes, pencils, inks...

Although probably best known for Powers, the award winning series that he does with Brian Michael Bendis, Oeming has also done some cool work with Kelsey [Bastard Samurai] Shannon, Neil [Parliment of Justice] Vokes, and Mark [Hammer of the Gods] Wheatley. Oeming always has a couple of projects going... talk about energy.

I absolutely love Michael's take on Sly as Deke DaSilva. This piece has so much attitude.

It was the first piece that I was able to get at Heroes Con this year and if it had been the only one I would have went home happy!

Check out Michael's site and it won't be long before you're a fan as well!

- Craig Zablo [June 20, 2004]