Sly Lookin' Sly
by Karl Moline



I first met Karl Moline at the Tampa show last weekend. I knew that Karl had worked on comics for CrossGen, Marvel, and Dark Horse, but truth be told I wasn't really familiar with his art.

That all changed when I saw him sketching. Karl can draw! Not only that, you can tell from talking with him that he has a real love and respect for art, comics, and fans.

It's rare that I get a sketch from an artist the first time I meet him/her. But as you can see from Karl's take on Sly as Deke, I'm really glad that I did.

If you'd like to see more of Karl's art or get a commission of your own, then click HERE!

Karl's a talent to keep an eye on. I know I will.

Craig Zablo [November 27, 2005]