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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rambo Makes Best Films List

Jeff Allard at lists his choices for Best & Worst Horror Films of 2008. Surprisingly, he places "Rambo" on the Best Film list! Here's his rationale:

Sylvester Stallone's return to one of his signature roles wasn't horror, of course, but Rambo is a film no genre fan can afford to ignore...

High praise indeed! - Craig

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sly Speaks

U.S. actor Sylvester Stallone, right, speaks as festival director Karl Spoerri, holds his Golden Icon Award, during the Zurich Film Festival in Zuerich, Switzerland, Friday, Sept. 26, 2008. (AP Photo/KEYSTONE/Walter Bieri)

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Sly: Zurich Wave

U.S. actor Sylvester Stallone reacts with fans, during his arrival at the Zurich Film Festival in Zurich, Switzerland, Friday, Sept. 26, 2008. (AP Photo/KEYSTONE/Walter Bieri)

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Sly Receives Golden Icon Award

U.S. actor Sylvester Stallone reacts after he received his trophy during the Golden Icon Award ceremony at the 4. Zurich Film Festival September 26, 2008. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann (SWITZERLAND)

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Sly Signs in Zurich 2

U.S. actor Sylvester Stallone signs autographs as he arrives on the red carpet before receiving the Golden Icon Award at the 4. Zurich Film Festival September 26, 2008. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann (SWITZERLAND)

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Sly Signs in Zurich

U.S. actor Sylvester Stallone signs autographs as he arrives on the red carpet before receiving the Golden Icon Award at the 4. Zurich Film Festival September 26, 2008. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann (SWITZERLAND)

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Rambo Rolls into Zurich

On September 25 2008, posted a piece titled "Rambo Rolls into Zurich" which gave details about the Zurich Film Festival and Sly's Golden Icon Award. You can read the full piece here. - Craig

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Sly & Zurich Fans

U.S. actor Sylvester Stallone with fans during his arrival at the Zurich Film Festival in Zurich, Switzerland, Friday, Sept. 26, 2008. (AP Photo/KEYSTONE/Walter Bieri)

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Sly Profilin' with Award

U.S. actor Sylvester Stallone looks at the trophy he received during the Golden Icon Award ceremony at the 4. Zurich Film Festival September 26, 2008. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann (SWITZERLAND)

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Sly Arrives

Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone, left, with festival director Nadja Schildknecht, center, and Karl Spoerri, right, during his arrival at the Film Festival Zurich, Friday, Sept. 26, 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland.
(AP Photo/KEYSTONE/Walter Bieri)

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sly: Most Influential 2008

Here's an e-mail I recently received:


I wanted to let you know that Sylvester Stallone has been officially nominated for’s Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2008 reader’s poll. I was hoping you could share the good news with your readers – I’m sure they’ll be delighted to hear about the nomination.

Thanks in large part to the amazing support from sites like, the Top 49 Most Influential Men has become a popular annual mainstay on – in fact, the 2008 edition of the list will mark our 3RD anniversary.

The purpose of the Top 49 is to determine which guys have had the biggest impact on the way other men dress, talk, buy, and think over the past 12 months. We at have a good enough idea to have assembled the shortlist of candidates, and now we need your help in determining the final 49. Please feel free to vote as often as you like; your picks will be combined with those of other readers and our staff to produce the final list: the Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2008. The final results are scheduled to be revealed on Tuesday October 21st.

Vote now!


Johnny Testa
So SZoners, vote early and vote often! - Craig

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rocky #1 Again

Here is Sly as drawn by the uber-talented, Mort Drucker for the August 2008 issue of Muscle & Fitness. This is page one of a two page spread that also features Arnold, Kurt Russell and Jean-Claude Van Damme. The article looks at the Top 10 Movie Training Montages and rates "Rocky" as #1. Who could argue with that? - Craig

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rambo Wins

Rambo was a winner at the 9th Annual Golden Trailer Awards. The awards which honor the best in movie trailers and posters chose Rambo for the top spot in the Most Original Poster category.

Most Original Poster
Rambo "Stencil", Lionsgate, Ignition Print
30 Days of Night "Character Poster A", Columbia Pictures, Ignition Print
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, ThinkFilm, Cold Open
Slipstream "Poster", Strand Releasing, The Solid State

You can learn more about the Golden Trailer Awards at their website. - Craig

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another Honor for Rocky

The American Film Institute recently posted their list of The 10 Greatest Films in 10 Classic Genres. "Rocky" came in at #2 on their Sports list. - Craig

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rocky Wins Yet Again

"Rocky" has been crowned the Best Sports Movie Ever in a survey by It was a landslide victory with "Rocky" earning 20% of all votes cast! Take that "Raging Bull," "Field of Drams," and "Million Dollar Baby"! For the full details click HERE. - Craig

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Rocky Wins Again

Rotten Tomatoes has posted their picks for the 20 Greats Fight Scenes Ever. They picked Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed as their #1 choice. Can't say that I disagree. - Craig

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cop Land One of the Best

Kevin Williamson of the Ottowa Sun, in the April 6, 2008 edition picks his Top Ten Cop Movies. As you can imagine, it's a great list since there have been a ton of great cop flicks. Williamson's list includes: 1] Heat 2] LA Confidential 3] The French Connection 4] Serpico 5] Narc 6] Se7en 7] Bullet 8] Cop Land 9] The Untouchables 10] Dirty Harry and Lethal Weapon. Here's what he had to say about Cop Land:

8. COPLAND (1997)

Sylvester Stallone may be content to regurgitate his Rambo and Rocky franchises now, but for a fleeting moment in the mid-1990s, he dared to bulk up as a sheriff faced with a town of dirty big-city officers.

You can read the full article here. - Craig

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sly Arrives

U.S. actor Sylvester Stallone arrives for the British premiere of "Rambo" in London's Leicester Square February 12, 2008. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor (BRITAIN)

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

SZoner Premiere Photos

Hello Craig. Randy Rousseau here. We had a great time at the Rambo Premiere. I went with my father and Paul Wintner and his friend Mark. All Paul wanted was to get to meet Sly and maybe get a picture and have him sign his Rambo sheath. Well, mission done. I think he already sent you the photos but here are a few more. enjoy. Not only did We get Pauly's picture with the man, he was able to talked with him a while too.

P.S. check out the custom Rambo carpet!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Or You Can Call Me Sylvester

U.S. actor Silvester Stallone poses during the presentation of the movie 'Rambo' at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, in Madrid, Monday, Jan. 28, 2008.

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rocky: One of the Best Movie Endings

Deke Farrow, a writer for McClatchy Newspapers, looks back at some of the great movie endings of all time. He chooses Rocky and says:

Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) crying out for his wife (Talia Shire) after his bloody bout with Apollo Creed in "Rocky" (1976).


For the full article, click HERE. - Craig

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rocky, Bruce Lee, Tarzan and More

Here is an article about statues of pop icons such as Rocky Balboa, Bruce Lee, Tarzan and others are being erected across the war-torn Balkans. - Craig

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

SZoner @ AFI "Rocky" Screening

SZoner, Joshua Tapia sent StalloneZone an exclusive summary of his experience at the AFI "Rocky" screening:

Hi Craig,
Just wanted to write in and share my incredible experience at the AFI 40th Anniversary screening of Rocky. Sorry I could not provide some photos but they were restricted and security was very tight. If we were caught with a camera we would be ejected from the theater.

So after sitting in line for hours and finally getting into the theater lobby we were able to get our hands on a AFI 40th Anniversary collectors book.
Finally as we all sat down in our designated seats a member of the AFI entered the room to tell us that all the Film Legends were in a theater for a photo shoot and that they would soon be coming in for the presentation. It was at this time he told us of the surprise guest who would introduce Mr Stallone....none other than Talia Shire. The crowd responded with cheers and applause.

Finally around 7:30pm Talia Shire entered the room to applause. She took the stand and talked about how while making the film they never really said it but they all thought they were making something special. After a few more words she introduced the man himself Sylvester Stallone. As Stallone emerged from the entrance the crowd stood up to give him a standing ovation. Stallone took stepped up to the podium and thanked everyone for coming. He shared a few stories from the production about how when they showed up for the Ice Rink scene that he was told all the extras were not available, he also told us about how Talia Shire had the flu and he knew when he went in for that first kiss he knew he'd be sick the next day but he was so lost in the moment that he just forgot everything and kissed her.

finished his speech and thanked everyone again as we applauded him. As he made his way out a gentleman ran out of his seat with a copy of Stallone's last book SLY MOVES. This caused several other people to jump from there seat with stuff to autograph. Stallone being the great guy he is stopped and signed everything that was put in front of him. I saw this as
my chance, i got up from my seat and made my through the crowd. As I did this the theater started to lower the lights so that people would sit down. Right before he exited i was able to walk up to him. As i approached him he looked at my hands as if he expected me to have something for him to sign. I just stuck out my hand and said "I would just like shake your hand and thank you for coming." Sly shook my hand and thanked me.

The lights went down and we watched the film. This was one of the best film going experiences i have ever had. Second would be last year when thanks to StalloneZone I got to see Rocky Balboa a week before it was released in Tampa and if not for StalloneZone I would
of not of known about the AFI screening. Thanks Craig and keep up the good work. Joshua Tapia
Thanks for the write-up Josh. What a cool experience! - Craig

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Friday, October 5, 2007

AFI Presents

Actors and directors from front left, Sylvester Stallone, Tippi Hedren, George Lucas, Kirk Douglas, Angela Lansbury, Jack Nicholson, background left, Clint Eastwood, Rob Reiner, Billy Crystal, Warren Beatty, and Julie Andrews are seen at AFI's 40th Anniversary presented by Target Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2007, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

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AFI Group

Actors and directors (L-R) Sylvester Stallone, Tippi Hedren, George Lucas, Clint Eastwood, Kirk Douglas, Rob Reiner, Angela Lansbury, Jack Nicholson, Billy Crystal, Warren Beatty and Julie Andrews attend the American Film Institute's 40th anniversary event featuring screenings of classic films in Hollywood, California October 3, 2007. The actors each introduced their past films at the screening. REUTERS/Fred Prouser (UNITED STATES)

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Blood Celebration Art Contest

I recently received information from Inge Wilson about an art contest for the First Blood 25th Anniversary Celebration. Here are the particulars:

  • Enter to win $200 cash prize
  • Enter original artwork that depicts the character of "John Rambo” as featured in the film “First Blood”
  • Submit to Destination Hope & Beyond Services by 5PM on Thursday, October 4th, 2007
  • All 2D media forms eligible (for example pencil, ink, charcoal, watercolour, oil, acrylic, pastel etc.). Mechanically produced or assisted artwork such as photographs or computer generated images will not be accepted. Minimum size 5” X 7”. Please do not frame entries.
  • No entry fee.
  • All entries become the property of Destination Hope & Beyond Services and will be exhibited during the “Rambo-First Blood” 25th Anniversary Event in Hope October 5th to 8th, 2007
  • All entries must be accompanied by a signed release form.
  • Minimum of 10 contestants or contest will be cancelled. Maximum of two entries per contestant.
  • Judges decision is final.
  • Entry forms & release forms available from the Hope Visitor Centre & Museum Complex located at 919 Water Avenue, Hope, B.C., V0X 1L0
We have several talented SZoner artists -- good luck to all! - Craig

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

More on the First Blood Celebration

More on the First Blood celebration:

Craig – please see below for the “First Blood 25th Anniversary Event” weekend plans but note that THIS SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Please post to your website if possible


Friday, October 5th - 7PM or so ... welcome evening for First Blood fans at the Silver Chalice Neighbourhood Pub featuring the premiere showing of the REEL PLACES documentary/travelogue of "First Blood". No cover charge. Must be 19 years old to gain admission. Introduction of the Rambo look-alike competitors - each Rambo look-alike competitor will receive a free ticket for the "First Blood" film screening on Saturday evening.

Saturday, October 6th -
10AM guided walking tour of "First Blood" filming locations within Hope. Starting location is the Hope Visitor Centre/Museum Complex at 919 Water Avenue. Admission to Museum by donation but no charge for walking tour. Must wear good walking shoes and be prepared for all kinds of weather - event proceeds rain or shine! (From 9AM to 10AM pre-bookings & pre-payments for a lunch at the Sheriff's Office can be made at the Visitor Centre & Museum Complex) Tour will include lunch stop at the "Sheriff's Office" where "First Blood" art competition entries will be displayed. Tour will conclude at the Visitor Centre/Museum Complex sometime in the afternoon.

Saturday, October 6th - 7PM doors open at the Hope Cinema for a special screening of the original "First Blood" film. At 7:30 PM anyone present that has stories or memories to share will be asked to speak at the microphone before the film begins. Rambo look-alike competitors will each be asked to voice one of the well known "Rambo" pieces of dialogue. The "Fan Favourite" and official first place winners of the Rambo look-alike competition to be announced & awards presented. Film begins once speakers & Rambo impersonators are finished. Cost per person is $8.00. Ticket will also include admission to the feature film (title unknown yet) being shown at Hope Cinema immediately after the conclusion of "First Blood".

Sunday, October 7th - 10AM Meet at the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park parking lot for a guided walk through "Chapman's Gorge". Parking fee is $3 per vehicle (bring coins for the parking ticket machine). Must wear good walking shoes and be prepared for all kinds of weather - event proceeds rain or shine! Those who want to continue on with the optional hike should bring a bag lunch. No charge to participate.

Sunday, October 7th - 1PM Optional additional hike through the woods above "Chapman's Gorge". Must be physically fit, appropriately attired and sign a waiver. Parking fee for Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park still in effect. Hike proceeds rain or shine. No charge to participate. Sunday, October 7th - Pig Roast Dinner Wind Up. Location, time and cost not yet finalized. Both Saturday & Sunday the Hope Museum will be open from 10AM to 4PM. A small exhibit of "First Blood" photos and memorabilia will be featured. Admission by donation. A special "First Blood" 25th anniversary souvenir booklet will be available throughout the weekend. No organized events on Monday, October 8th - Thanksgiving Day - but visitors are encouraged to enjoy other points of interest in the Hope area like Hell's Gate Airtram, Minter Gardens, Hope Art Gallery, Hope Chainsaw Carvings, Yale Heritage Site, Kilby Historic Store & Farm, the Hope Slide and more!

Inge Wilson
Hope Visitor Centre & Museum Complex
Destination Hope & Beyond Services


It looks to be like a lot of fun. If any SZoner is able to attend, we'd love to see photos and a report! - Craig

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Hope Celebrates 25th Anniversary of First Blood

This came in the e-mail this week...

Hope Celebrates 25th Anniversary of First Blood

Over 25 years have passed since First Blood wrapped filming in Hope, British Columbia, Canada - but residents, local crew and Rambo enthusiasts agree it doesn't feel like a quarter century has passed. Back in 1981, British Columbia’s film industry was in itsinfancy when the Ministry of Tourism’s Film Promotion Office, helmed by Dianne Neufeld and Justis Greene, received a call from a production company interested in shooting First Blood, a $15 million action movie in B.C..

After scouting several different locations in BC, the producers found the exact look they had been searching for in the small town of Hope. Soon after, a crew of approximately 100 people (many of whom still work in the BC Film industry) began to transform the town of Hope into the birthplace of John Rambo. The Sheriff’s Office was constructed on the lawn of Hope’s District Hall, a gun shop and gas station were built and American flags, mailboxes, and US Army billboards were placed on downtown streets.

During the filming, the cast and crew had to deal with bitter cold, the theft of over 50 firearms needed for the movie, Stallone’s injuries and the escape of a wild boar on its way to set. Despite these challenges, First Blood, which was released on Friday October 22, 1982was a major box office success, earning a record breaking $14.8 million in the first 12 days of its release.

To mark the film’s 25th anniversary, the Hope Visitor Centre & Museum Complex (operated by Destination Hope & Beyond Services) is celebrating the occasion with a number of events and activities over the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, beginning October 5th. The anniversary celebration plans currently include a welcome reception at a Hope pub, the premiere of the REEL PLACES “First Blood” travelogue/documentary by Seattle’s Gas Light Alley Entertainment, film location tours, a Rambo look-a-like contest, an art competition, a pig roast dinner, and the publication of a souvenir “First Blood” booklet as a keepsake.

Anyone that would like to contribute stories, photos or trivia for the souvenir booklet is invited to send them to Plus anyone that was involved in this film project is encouraged to take part in the events celebrating this pivotal BC film project.

For further information, please contact: Inge Wilson, Manager-Hope Visitor Centre & Museum Complex Phone: 604-869-2021 or 1-866-HOPEVIC or

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Sly Presents Rocky

From American Film Institute Press Release - Wednesday September 12, 1:48 pm ET LOS ANGELES, Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/

The American Film Institute today announced a historic public event to mark the institute's 40th anniversary. Target Presents AFI's 40th Anniversary is an event of unprecedented scale -- even for Hollywood. Eleven classic American films will screen on a single night, in a single location -- each with a live introduction by the film's legendary star or filmmaker.

The event will be held October 3 at ArcLight Hollywood. All film programs will begin at 7:00 p.m. Tickets will go on sale to the general public on September 19.

The films and artists that are confirmed to take part in this momentous occasion are:

    Julie Andrews will present THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965)
Warren Beatty will present BONNIE AND CLYDE (1967)
Billy Crystal and Rob Reiner will present WHEN HARRY MET SALLY... (1989)
Kirk Douglas will present SPARTACUS (1960)
Clint Eastwood will present UNFORGIVEN (1992)
Morgan Freeman will present THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION (1994)
Tippi Hedren will present THE BIRDS (1963)
Angela Lansbury will present BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (1991)
George Lucas will present STAR WARS -- EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE (1977)
Jack Nicholson will present ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST (1975)
Sylvester Stallone will present ROCKY (1976)

"What better way to celebrate 40 years of AFI than to bring together movie artists and movie-goers in the flickering light of these classic American films," stated Jean Picker Firstenberg, AFI's President and CEO. "We thank Target for their continued support of AFI, providing the opportunity to honor AFI's 40th Anniversary with an epic celebration worthy of America's national educational and cultural organization."

"We are thrilled to honor 40 great years of the American Film Institute by celebrating the magic and artistry of the silver screen," said Laura Sandall, director, events marketing and publicity, Target. "By building relationships with leading cultural organizations like AFI, Target is able to foster creativity, promote learning and build stronger communities."

Tickets to all screenings are $25 and can be purchased at or in person at the ArcLight box office at 6360 W Sunset Boulevard (at Ivar) beginning Wednesday, September 19. Event tickets include free popcorn and soda for all guests. The first 100 guests to arrive in each theater will receive a free copy of the special commemorative AFI 40th Anniversary Tribute book.

What a great line up of films and presenters. Obviously "Rocky" would be THE one to attend, but it would also be cool to see Kirk Douglas present "Spartacus", Clint Eastwood show us "Unforgiven", or Jack Nicholson showcase "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". If any SZoner attends, please send in photos and a report! - Craig

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

First Blood Celebration

Hey SZoners, This came in and I thought many of you would be interested...


Greetings from Hope, British Columbia, Canada … birthplace of John Rambo as a world renowned film screen character!

“First Blood” was filmed in our community in 1981 and the film was released into theatres in 1982 – so 2007 marks the 25th anniversary of the film and we are celebrating that October 5th to 8th, 2007 with a variety of activities … do you think your website readers would like to know more about the special film screening, the souvenirs that will be available, the film location tours, the Rambo look-alike contest, the First Blood art contest & more!?

They can email me at and I will fill them in on the details….

Inge Wilson

Destination Hope & Beyond Services


Hard to believe it's been 25 years! - Craig

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Belgrade Rocky Statue

A huge statue of the film character Rocky Balboa is prepared for unveiling in the village square in Zitiste, about 60 kilometers (36 miles) north of Belgrade, Tuesday, Aug.7, 2007. The village of Zitiste is planning to erect the statue of Balboa, to attract tourists and show a new face to the world. Local officials have already contacted Philadelphia, PA, where a monument to the actor Sylvester Stallone's film character already exists. The unveiling is scheduled for August 18. (AP Photo/Srdjan Ilic)

Workers cover with plastic sheets a statue of the film character Rocky Balboa, which is being prepared for unveiling in the village square in Zitiste, about 60 kilometers (36 miles) north of Belgrade, Tuesday, Aug.7, 2007. The village of Zitiste is planning to erect the statue of Balboa, to attract tourists and show a new face to the world. Local officials have already contacted Philadelphia, PA, where a monument to the actor Sylvester Stallone's film character already exists. The unveiling is scheduled for August 18. (AP Photo/Srdjan Ilic)

Workers secure with ropes the statue of the Rocky Balboa film character, which is set for unveiling in the village square in Zitiste, about 60 kilometers (36 miles) north of Belgrade, Tuesday, Aug.7, 2007. The village of Zitiste is planning to erect the statue of Balboa, to attract tourists and show a new face to the world. Local officials have already contacted Philadelphia, PA, where a monument to the actor Sylvester Stallone's film character already exists. The unveiling is scheduled for August 18. (AP Photo/Srdjan Ilic)

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sly Night

Last night the Brooklyn Cyclones, a minor league baseball team, hosted Sly Night. Here's how they advertised it:

SLY NIGHT: On July 28th, the Cyclones will celebrate Sylvester Stallone -- one of the most iconic Hollywood stars of our generation -- on "Sly Night" at KeySpan Park.

Stallone has created some of the most long-lasting and legendary characters in pop-culture history, from Rocky Balboa to John Rambo, to Lincoln Hawk, to Marion Cobretti, to Snaps Provolone, to Ray Tango, and more.

The Academy Award winner's turn as the underdog fighter from the mean streets of Philly immortalized him to millions. On Saturday, July 28th, the Cyclones will pay tribute to him in a number of ways:

The team will show a variety of Stallone-themed entertainment throughout the night.

Fans are invited to dress up as their favorite Stallone character, with the winning costume receiving a prize pack.

Anyone named "Sylvester" will be admitted to the ballpark at no charge.

In commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the 1987 movie Over The Top (in which Stallone plays a struggling trucker competing in a Las Vegas Arm Wrestling Championship, and sporting a New York City Arm Wrestling T-shirt), the New York Arm Wrestling Association (NYAWA) will host over 100 men and women competing that day for the 25th Annual White Castle 'Kingsboro' Golden Arm Wrestling titles, featuring a championship match taking place on the dugout during that night's game!

Anyone who participates in the arm wrestling competition will receive a Cyclones ticket to that night's game. For more information on participating, contact Gene Camp at

In addition to all the Sly festivities, the first 1,250 kids that night will receive Thunderstix!

So join in on the fun, and help the Cyclones pay tribute to the Itallian Stallion on July 28th!

It would have been cool to have been there for the festivities! - Craig

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Sly a Top 10 Action Star came up with their list of the Top Ten Modern Day [post 1980] Action Stars. Guess who came in third? Here's what they had to say about Sly:

3. Sylvester Stallone
Classic Action Movies: Rocky, First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Nighthawks, Cliffhanger
Kicking Butt Next in: John Rambo

Stallone, like all the vets on our action hero list, has weathered the good, the bad and the ugly of the Hollywood limelight. But it's a testament to Stallone's legacy that his umpteenth comeback movie Rocky Balboa garnered some decent reviews and box office coin, and that someone actually greenlit the upcoming John Rambo. Love him or hate him, everyone knows him. And without the trail he blazed (see the acclaimed cop thriller Nighthawks, too), action epics of the last 20+ years would have been different, for better or worse. You wanted to see Rocky Balboa club the crap out of some bigger thug, just like you wanted to see Rambo live out an action fantasy armed with his designer battle scars and 2% body fat. It was all utterly outrageous, and for fans of the genre, 100% grade A action

Here's the full list: 1] Arnold Schwarzenegger 2] Harrison Ford 3] Sylvester Stallone 4] Kurt Russell 5] Bruce Willis 6] Mel Gibson 7] The Rocky 8] Keanu Reeves 9] Daniel Craig 10] Christian Bale and for the full article click HERE. - Craig

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Blood 2nd Best

The June 24, 2007 issue of The Calgary Sun has an article by Kevin Williamson who lists his choices for the Top Ten Action Films of the 80's. First Blood comes in second and here's what he has to say:
2. FIRST BLOOD (1982): Sylvester Stallone's brutish, brooding alter-ego is now indefensible as anything but a churlish Reagan-era joke. But this inaugural outing, in which the psychologically scarred Vietnam vet John Rambo runs afoul of a hick police force, is, in retrospect, remarkable for its comparative restraint.

Click HERE for the full article. - Craig

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