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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

SZ Exclusive Interview: George Pipasik, Part II

SZ: Tell us about the highlights of your career. I know that Sylvester Stallone was one of them.

GEORGE PIPASIK: First it started with Sly, then after. . .came many celebrities.

SZ: And Sly came just after a few months after you first opened?

GEORGE PIPASIK: Yeah, I opened and then yes, he soon came after. I was not in the business and [did not] know about how to advertise -- I make everything myself. So without advertising, people started coming. Mainly Hollywood people.

SZ: And the gym was open to the public?

GEORGE PIPASIK: Yes at first. But then we started getting too busy. So I made it a private club. Just one to one.

SZ: Isn’t it true that by the time Sly came to your gym he had already worked out with Franco Columbu twice.

GEORGE PIPASIK: Ah, yes. He was in my gym with him that second time. He [Sly] had lots of training before. In 1985 he [Sly] asked if I could train him and Dolph Lundgren for ROCKY IV.

SZ: WOW! Exciting, that is exciting.

GEORGE PIPASIK: So, it was January 1985, I started the training for ROCKY IV. Sly and Dolph. (It is at this time, more than any during the 2 hours we spent there, that Mr. Pipasik beams while telling the stories. It was unavoidable to notice that he really enjoyed telling about his FIRST experiences working with Sly which was one of the most famous times in his life.)

SZ: Knowing that you have trained every body part of Sylvester Stallone, when you look at all his films, is there a particular body part in the film...and you can see that THE GOAL was accomplished? For example while preparing “Rocky 4” I remember Sly saying he tried so hard for defined abs."

GEORGE PIPASIK: Every movie he gets better and better. It takes time. So.. He has a perfect body now.

SZ: Almost seems like a perfect body then !

GEORGE PIPASIK: Yeah, but he improves every year. Bodybuilding takes a long time. It doesn't happen over night.

SZ: (Chris looks down at his 'no ab's/dunlap over the belly) Yeah, we know that. So perhaps the only time he was ever out of shape, was because he got out of shape on purpose for Copland?

GEORGE PIPASIK: Yeah, with Copland, I could NOT believe it, he put so much weight on.

SZ: Does that mean you disassociated yourself with him? (laughing)

GEORGE PIPASIK: Ha ha, no! I am just surprised he came back. People who usually go that heavy DO NOT come back.

SZ: He actually said in interviews that he liked the extra weight and was going to keep it on. But then two months later, it was off.

GEORGE PIPASIK: It's all eating… 80% of it , is eating.
[More to come... Craig]

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