by Bob Layton



Bob Layton has truly done it all in the field of comics.

Although probably best known for his stellar run on Iron Man when he and writer David Michelinie took the low-selling title and not only made it a best seller and not only a topic of comic but also mainstream media discussion.

Bob then created the first mini-series in comics' history [Hercules - Prince of Power].

Bob has worked as a writer, penciler, inker, editor-in-chief, and even co-owner of a comic book company! He's worked in many creative aspects of film and television throughout his career and that's where his focus is now.

Bob still enjoys interacting with fans at conventions and through his website. I've been a fan of Mr. Layton's work since the 70's and was thrilled to get his take on Rocky.

Craig Zablo [May 22, 2005]