Rocky, Mickey, and the Cut Man
by Michael Lark




I was lucky to meet Michael Lark at MegaCon 2004. I'd wanted to get a sketch from Michael for awhile, so I was really glad when he agreed to do a Stallone piece.

It was funny because when I expained my Stallone theme to him, I said, "So you can draw any Stallone character you want." Michael said, "Great I know who I want to do." I said that I would check back with him in a bit and as I started to walk away asked, "So, who are you going to draw?" "Mickey," Michael said with a smile. "Uh, you are going to draw Rocky and Mickey, right?" Michael laughed and said, "Oh, I see. When you said a Stallone character, you meant a character that Stallone played, not just any character from his movies."

Whew! Had we not cleared that up, I would have come back to find a very nice drawing of Mickey! As it turned out Michael did a scene from Rocky with Mickey, Rocky, and his cut man... you know the scene... "Cut me, Mick!"

Michael Lark commissions and original art are available through Splashpage Comic Art.

- Craig Zablo [March 6, 2004]