Rocky by
Khoi Pham



I've been a fan of Khoi Pham's art since I first saw his sketches popping up on the internet.

Khoi was at MegaCon this year, so I went over and introdced myself. Khoi not only remembered my name but said, "You're the reason I came to MegaCon!" See, I had written him a couple of months prior to the convention asking if he was coming. I told him a bit about the show and that I hoped he could make it. Khoi had no plans to attend, but decided to check it out on my suggestion.

How cool is that?

I picked up this Stallone sketch for myself and a Batman for my oldest son's collection. Khoi does great work. Check out his site and I'm sure you'll agree.

- Craig Zablo [March 6, 2004]]