Rocky vs Clubber
by Gus Vasquez



Gus Vazquez lives in the East Village in NYC. He's currently working as a penciller on Marvel Age Spiderman, for
Marvel Comics. Gus has also drawn story boards for several
independent films, as well as music videos!

Gus even spent some time in
"prison", on seasons five and six of HBO's original series, "OZ", where he could be seen as spanish gang leader, Morales', body guard!

You can usually catch Gus at comic book conventions. He's the guy wearing a cowboy hat, and lots of "flair", sporting many rings, and leather bands. He's not hard to find and is very easy to talk with.

Gus is also working with up-and-coming, and super talented writer, David Atchison on a creator owned comic about Chinese Vampires,
and a possible story for Ballistic Comics', The Ride", published by Image Comics.

Oh yeah, Gus is a major Stallone fan!

- Craig Zablo [June 20, 2004]]