How tall is Sly Stallone? Sly's listed as 5' 7" to 5' 10½ "[depending on the source].

I have the perfect "project" for Sly. Can you get it to him?
No. Even if I could, don't you think that Sly would be suspicious of any deal sent through a fan page?

Can you send me an autographed photo? Sorry, but we don't have any for sale.

What's your favorite Sly Stallone film?
"Rocky" is my all-time favorite movie.

What's your least favorite Sly Stallone film?

"Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!"

When did you become a Sly Stallone fan?
When I first saw Sly in the "Lords of Flatbush."

Why did the StalloneZone get started?
I hoped to find a few Stallone fans that would enjoy my efforts. Ten years later, we're still going strong!

Can you send me...?
Unfortunately it just isn't possible for us to respond to these types of requests.

Does Sly visit the SZ?

I'm not sure. Frank Stallone has. Simon [Sly & Frank's webmaster] does as well.