Jack Carter by
Cully Hamner



Cully Hamner hit a grandslam with this baby! Ok, ok... before I get too carried away...

Cully Hamner has worked as a writer, penciler, and inker. His art has graced the pages of Malibu, Marvel, DC and other companies. A highly anticipated double shot of Cully art is coming out this year: 1] Batman Tenses written by Joe Casey and 2] Red written by Warren Ellis. Cully's art on both of these projects has never been better!

Cully is part of Gaijin Studios along with Adam Hughes, Phil Noto, Brian Stelfreeze, and Karl Story. For those of you who aren't comic fans, that line-up is like the all-star squad in ANY sport you wish to choose.

And Cully hit a grandslam with his piece!!!

- Craig Zablo [April 19, 2003 ]