Deke DaSilva
by Pat Broderick



I first met Pat Broderick at an OrlandoCon back in the 70's. Pat had burst on the scene quickly getting work from DC, Marvel and Atlas comics in his first years in the business. Pat also worked out of Continuity Studios with Neal Adams.

Pat is probably best known for his work on Micronauts [following Michael Golden], but he's also a fan favorite for his work on Captain Marvel [following Jim Starlin]. Talk about pressure.

Pat is also one of the best sketch artists in the business. If Pat is at a show sketching, then get on his list. He's quick and he's good... real good.

Pat left comics when they took a nose dive in the late 90's, but now he's got a couple of projects in the works. Hopefully we'll see more of Pat's comic work in the near future.

Pat was kind enough to gift me with his take on Sly as Deke DaSilva from Nighthawks when we met up at Tampa Con last weekend..

Craig Zablo [November 27, 2005]