Frank Nitti by
Brett Blevins



Brett Blevins hadn't appeared at a comic convention in years... and then I saw that he was going to be a guest at MegaCon [with his good buddy Mike Manley] I just knew that I had to try and get a sketch.

When I approached Brett about doing a Stallone piece I found him to be a really cool, laid back guy. Brett agreed to the drawing but wasn't sure which character he'd do.

Brett, along with Mike Manley and Alberto Ruiz (talk about a trifecta!), always had a line of fans at their tables. It was really cool seeing three artists having such a great time with their fans.

When Brett finished my sketch, I was thrilled not only to have a piece from him, but that he choose to draw Sly as Frank Nitti from Capone!

You can see more of Brett's work here.

Craig Zablo [March 13, 2004]