by Tom Armstrong



Tom Armstrong [a fellow Hoosier] is the creator [writer and artist] of the long-running comic strip Marvin. Tom started the strip in 1982 and it's still going strong today.

In it's first year, Marvin won the"Best Comic Strip" award from The Northern California Cartoon and Humor Association, and the 1996 Elzie Segar Award (named after the creator of Popeye) given by The National Cartoonists' Society. The character has also been used as spokestoon by the Evansville Museum of Arts and Sciences. Marvin even had his own television special!

I was fortunate to meet Tom Armstong at the Cavalcade of Comics' Second Annual Benefit. Tom was hanging out with Dana Sumers and Ed Hall [now THERE's a trifecta!]. Tom was kind enough to give me his take on Sly and even threw in Marvin to boot!


Craig Zablo [October 17, 2004]