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Next Celebrity Mag Contender Could Prove A Real Knockout reported on October 1st that Sylvester Stallone and American Media are developing a new men's fitness magazine which would feature Sly on the cover each month.

Here's what the piece says:

He beat the odds to become a fictional heavyweight champion of the world, and won an Oscar in the process. Now sources tell Mag Rack that actor Sylvester Stallone is the next big celebrity magazine contender. Following in the footsteps of Rosie, Oprah, and Trump, American Media is developing Sly, a new health and fitness monthly aimed at older men, which would feature Stallone on the cover of each issue.

It's a logical line extension for American Media, which already publishes Men's Fitness, and already has an editorial talent pool in place to develop the personality-oriented workout book.

Assuming Stallone's magazine actually makes it to the racks, he would immediately elevate his status as one of the more versatile figures in the media universe. The actor, best known for his roles as "Rocky" and "Rambo," is also on the bill to host the new NBC boxing reality series "The Contender."

Wouldn't this be cool? - Craig